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Christmas wreath and decorations on door

November 24, 2009


Dear Friends and Kababayans,


It’s getting cold and windy, which means Christmas is not too far away. 

To us, kababayans and friends, it also means that the Indang Cavite Association’s annual Christmas party is coming.

So please, mark your calendars:


Date: Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time: 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Place: Veteran’s Park

            VTP Activity Room

            22400 Moneta Avenue

            Carson, California 90745


I am asking you all to come with your family, including young children. Christmas should be enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike, especially with family, friends, and townmates. And Santa Claus too!

You may wrap and label a gift for your kids and/or grandchildren, so Santa can distribute it to them.

You know how happy kids can be if they get a gift from Santa!


It is a potluck party, with some dished provided by our association.

Please bring your favorite dish and two bottles of soda or water.


Make sure to come, enjoy the party, and meet your relative, friends, and townmates.


Also, Election of new officers for year 2010-2011 will be held.


Sincerely yours,

Nonong Mojica Dy sgd



For more information, please contact:
Nonong Dy                  310-830-0798                         Ogie Sierra                    714-523-4409

Dr. Totoy Rojales     714-606-1974                         Nanding del Mundo      562-547-9272

Sonny Costa               310-508-6841                         Norma del Rosario       310-748-5270

Mila Costa                424-215-1328                         Irene Sierra Huerto       310-835-5981


Christmas Party at Calas Park in Carson California
photo taken by Lito del Mundo

Photo shown from left to rigth, andy rotairo huerto, mayette mercado huerto, Renato Sierra, past president Mila Catuncan Costa, Glen Vida, Dr. Dan Zenarosa, Nora Zenaroza, Linda Ocampo (Cruise donor), Norma del Rosario, Nanding del Mundo, Gloria del Mundo, Adolfo Ocampo (cruise donor), and Irene Huerto.
Photo shown above was taken in Calas Park in Carson California .... Christmas Party December 03, 2006.

The INDANG fiesta at Calas Park in Carson California last Sunday May 21, 2006 is one of the events here in USA.

Officers and members are very busy entertaining the guest. The table was full of delicious food from the menudo, kare-kare, pansit, fish, and many more. The desert like puto, kutsinta by Epie Costa is very delicious and there are more brought by other members.


Everyone’s enjoy the foods, camaraderie’s and games for kids, ladies and gentlemen’s.


Thanks to Dr. Dan Zenarosa for the Litson (Pig) and of course to all the officer and members for their share.


The newest and first time attendee is Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sanga and family, they are from Alhambra California and originally from San Simon (Alan) and (Wife) from Daine INDANG CAVITE (Rodil family).


The games winner is Alan Sanga Son, Fidel Umali daughter, Rey Huerto, Glen Vida, Norma del Rosario and etc.


Raffle winner (three) ($60.00) each winner.

Mr. Rey Ignacio

Mrs. Zeny Ambagan (President of Amadeo Organization)

Another Guest.


Special Announcement: Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo and Linda Ocampo, donated a cruise for 7 days for two people, anywhere to Mexico or Florida, to be raffle on July 22, 2006 at Holiday Inn in Torrance.


 The ICASC would like to thank all the people and specially those help setting up the place, kitchen, games and raffle.


Kitchen help:

In charge: Mayette Mercado Huerto

Josie Soriano

Norma Del Rosario

Julie Balacanao Huerto

Nora Zenarosa

Mrs. Del Mundo

Dr Noemi Rojales

Auntie Irene Sierra Huerto

Auntie Mila Catuncan Costa


Hall Preparation and Clean Up: Glen Vida, Renato Sierra, and Andy R. Huerto, Mr. Sonny (USAFFE) de las Alas Costa, Dr. Virgilio (Totoy) Rojales, Nanding Del Mundo, Lito del Mundo, Rey Huerto and all the kitchen helpers.




Emcee: Nonong Dy Mojica


Entertainment: Mr. Benjie Bautista (President of Caviteņos of Southern California)


Special Poem by: Mr. Rey Ignacio (Title: TABO)


Music and equipment by: Andy Rotairo Huerto






December 2004 Christmas party
This Year Santa Claus - Walt Siegler, Cindy Sierra Huerto's Husband

The Picture shown below Indang Cavite Association Affair:
Sitting from left to right: Rey Huerto, Stacy Dietz, Roger Huerto, Puying Huerto, Mayette Huerto, Andy R. Huerto, Oscar H. Diones, Lulu Dinglas Diones, Mila Mercado Diones, Leo (Paul) Diones.
Standing: Irene Huerto
Update: 3-4-05... Stacy Join the Santa Ana, California Sherrif department.... last Febraury 2005, she graduated and became full pledge Sherriff... congratulation to Stacy Hueto Dietz....
By: Andy R. Huerto


Journalist and broadcaster

Linda Nunez Hettich inducted the officers.

Our Dear Journalist Annaliza Nazareno flew from Texas, Daughter of ICASC Auditor and Director (Mr. & Mrs. Tom Nazareno) delivered the inspiration speech.

May 23, 2004
By: Andy R. Huerto
The 28th Indang Cavite Association of Southern California Induction Party celebration is a big success.
The ICASC want to thanks all the people involved for decorating the hall, Dr Rogelio Rojales and brother, Andy R. Huerto, Norma del Rosario, Julie Balacanao Huerto, Mayette Mercado Huerto, Irene Huerto, Nanding Del Mundo, Mila Costa, Lina Vasquez Watkins.

The Registration committee Mayette Huerto, Julie B. Huerto, Nora Zenarosa, Irene Huerto want to extend their thanks to Mrs. Del Mundo's help.

Mr. Nonong Mojica Dy and Andy R Huerto's also work hard to finalize the seating arrangement.

Guest from San Diego: Linda Huerto Roeh, Roger Huerto, Puying Huerto, Mr. & Mrs. Dasoy Gil and others.
Our director Lina Vasquez Watkins is so busy entertaining those visitors from to San Francisco.
The ICASC wants to thanks Mrs. Remy Nazareno for selling raffle tickets for the last minute. The proceed for this raffle to be used for sports program.
A meeting was conducted right after the party and the financial report was presented to all the present officers, Nonong Dy, Irene Huerto, Nora Zenarosa, Norma del Rosario, Andy R. Huerto, Mayette Huerto, Dr. Virgilio Rojales, Dr. Noemi Rojales, Dr Dan Zenarosa, Mila Costa, Cecille Dy, Mr. and Mrs. Rojales, Nato Sierra, Lina Vasquez Watkins, Tom Nazareno and Remy Nazareno.

The performance of Heart beat Band, with their expertly in name of music made the majority of the guest not to be able to refused to hit the floor and execute their best step and moves on the floor.
Raffle Winner:
1st price $300.00 Seller Andy R. Huerto Ducommon Technologies Inc. Carson, California.
2nd price $200.00 Seller Nora Zenarosa
3rd price $100.00 Dr. Carlos Fausto of Torrance California.
a) Door prize: Norma del Rosario (Chair), Andy R. Huerto(co-Chair), Julie Huerto and Irene Huerto
b) Registration: Mayette M. Huerto (chair), Nora Zenarosa (co-chair), Remy Nazareno, Julie Huerto
c) Reception: Sonny Costa (Chair), Dr. Virgilio Rojales (co-chair), Nonong Mojica Dy, Dr. Dan Zenarosa, Tommy Nazareno.
d) Program: Dr. Virgilio Rojales (chair), Nonong Mojica Dy (co-chair), Nanding del Mundo.
c) Set up & decoration: Andy Rotairo Huerto (chair), Andy Ernacio (co-chair), Julie Balacanao Huerto, Dr. Virgilio Rojales.


Updated: December 5, 2009
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto