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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.
Realizing that a web site is a public forum, we might not include member addresses, and we'll be sure to ask members before posting their phone numbers. Any question please e-mail or give me call.
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto e-mail:

Last Name        First Name          Middle Initial
Address or Phone Number

1) Abundo               Primo & Norma
2) Aid                        Ofelia & Kenneth
3) Alas de las             Ric & Mila
4) Belli                      Amy                                           Mojica
5) Bonifacio               Chee                                          R
6) Breton                   Madonna & Armi-Claire
7) Breton                    Armi-Claire
8) Candipan               Ester                                          Mojica
9) Carlo                      Sunglao
10) Costa                    Mila                                           C
11) Costa                    Sonny & Eppie
12) Cote                     Alan & Laling
13) Crook                   Jason & Rose
14) Del Mundo            Lito & Myrna
15) Del Mundo            Hermo & Maria
16) Diloy                     Ellen
17) Dimarucot             Lourdes
18) Diones                   Leo & Mila
19) Dy                         Nonong & Cecilia
20) Erni                       Elias & Lourdes Baes
21) Fello                      Ericson
22) Fello                      Racquel
23) Fello                      Percis & Arnel
24) Gabon                   Adolfo & Maria
25) Herrmann              Lydia del Mundo
26) Huerto                   Andy &  Marieta            Rotairo
27) Huerto                   Rey & Julie
28) Huerto                   Irene
29) Ignacio                   Rey
30) Ignacio                  Angie
31) Jose                       Barbara                        P
32) Lloyd                     Rob & Rhea Bobadilla
33) Mamaril                 Bining
34) Matel                     Minerva
35) Mccown                 Susan
36) Mojica                    Eric                                   S
37) Monzon                  Mag & Lucy
38) Morales                   Ampy
39) Morales                   Nestor
40) Navarro                   Frank
41) Nazareno                Tom & Remy
42) Nuestro                   Mario & Gloria
43) Panganiban              Jean
44) Pates                       Elsie                                  Costa
45) Peņaflorida               Danilo & Thelma
46) Perez                        Rolando
47) Petelo                       Fe                                      M
48) Piol                           Elenor                                Diones
49) Quitazal                    Jimie & Julie
50) Robles                      Leonardo & Emen
51) Rodriguez                  Benny & Nene
52) Rodriguez                  Venus
53) Rodriguez                  Kevin
54) Rojales                      Fe                                   Bocalan
55) Rojales                      Alberto & Adoracion
56) Rojales                      Virgilio & Noemi
57) Rojales                      Viggo & Ellen 
58) Romero                     German
59) Romero                      Gari & Connie
60) Romerosa                   Carmen                            M
61) Romerosa                    Gaylord                           M
62) Rosario del                  Norma
62) Sierra                          Ogie & Ophie
63) Sierra                           Ed
64) Sierra                           Nato
65) Vallos                          Linda Umel
66) Vasquez                      Precy
67) Vasquez                       Ed
68) Vergara                        Ed & Letty
69) Vida                             Glenn &
70) Watkins                        Lina                               Vasquez
71) Weller                           Josh
72) White                            Nita
Non-Alpbetical order
Mr and Mrs. Oscar Diones
Cindy Huerto Family
Cal and Linda Huerto Roeh of San Diego CA
Roger and Puying Huerto of San Diego CA

Addresses and Phone numbers are kept in our File.... not to be published here unless with written concern.

We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Or would you like to become a member of our Association? Please get in touch!

To all members.... Welcome...and MABUHAY ang INDANG

Welcome New Members!

Here we'll include some information about new members, such as:

The Indang Association Celebrated their Fiesta and Induction of new officers June 7, 2008 at Saint Philomena Hall in Carson California.
Congratulation to ICASC Incoming President Nonong Mojica D

In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.

Updated: December 5, 2009
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto