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The History of Indang Cavite Association of Southern California


The gentlemen at the farthest right side is our beloved

Mr. Paulino Costa, which is one of the ICASC founder.


...By: Mila Cantuncan Costa


Integrity prevails with

Noble hearts and kindness,

Deep-set ideals,

And foreseeable goals

Never to turn back, but

Go beyond the horizon

History of the Association


For twenty-nine years, our characteristics, motto, goals and attitude fit the above poem. We were just few; who taught of easing homesickness by forming an organization of townmates involved in social and community services. At a party hosted by the late, Ernesto “Totoy” Rodriguez, and wife Dr. Tita H. Rodriguez, few individuals, composing of the late Aurelia M. Lanting and daughter Josie Lanting Acosta, Severino Rodriguez and wife Lolita, the late Floro Bustamante Huerto and wife Irene, the late Paul Costa, Jr and Mila Catuncan Costa came to idea that gave birth to INDANG CAVITE ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHER CALIFORNIA in 1976.


Paul Costa, Jr. and Mauricio p. Gil was elected President and Vice-President respectively. Maura Panganiban Gil, Aurelia Mojica Lanting, Nieves Mojica Catuncan and Anastacia de las Alas become advisors. Simple goals bind us together and reminisces the life, our relatives and love ones back home. Activities geared towards meetings and parties bonded the group together. As the years went by, membership increased and so did anxiety and restlessness from the San Diego membership, who thought of forming their own group due to distance between San Diego and Los Angeles, however, our group continued with our events with the San Diego group. After fulfilling our initial goal of promoting and enhancing Philippine culture among the youth, we move forward towards other goals such as, to give scholarship to needy but deserving students of Don Severino Agricultural College (now Cavite State University) in Indang, to promote sportsmanship among local youths through various sports activities. Through the Caviteņos of Southern California, who sponsors annual basketball tournament from among towns in Cavite.

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Updated: December 5, 2009
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto