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The New 2008-2010 and Outgoing 2006-2008 President Messages

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I Accept
President Message

It is a great pride and honor to be chosen as President of Indang Cavite Association of Southern California. Commitment, determination, hard work and whole heartedness in full scale are the key factors in order to succeed. These are what I need being a leader, and these I will have in term of office.


Everybody knows no man is an island. In the same manner, no organization is an island as well. To achieve our goals, we therefore need everyone's help and dedication - fellow officers, members, family members, friends and patrons. All these working together will ultimately lead to the realization of our plans and dreams and go beyond to the fullest extend.


Therefore, I appeal to all of you, my friends, to please help us reach and fulfill our goals - for a much better and greater Indang Cavite Association of Southern California.


Thank you and Mabuhay!


Signed: Nonong Mojica Dy



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I Agree
Outgoing President Message 2006-2008

Greeting to everyone


It is hard to imagine that time is too short and now is my turn to say goodbye . My term aas your President has been marked with unforgettable memories of close friendship, mutual support, collective efforts, endless meetings, pot lucks, turn arounds, newsletters and shared excitements. These were the times made me so happy that I will always cherish them.


Fellow kababayans, our mission in this organization is simple, but it brings happiness and hope to our less fortunate loved ones in Indang. Our officers like Mila Cantuncan Costa, Sonny Costa, Norma del Rosario, Irene Huerto, Dr. Virgilio and Noemi Rojales, Linda and Adolfo Ocampo, who visited our town last 2006-2207, were touched with the neglect and deprivations of our kababayan. With this revealing experience, we came up with the project to help the Alternative Learning Center of our Indang Elementary School. With your support and generous donations, we were able to provide this school with teaching equipment, television, video player, school supplies and uniforms. Through the help of Mila Costa, our Association also donated to Pugad Lawin's Medical Mission in Indang.


There is so much to do to be relevant and meaningful to our community. Though our goals are remarkable and profound great, we can only realize this if all of us would support each other and really buy in to this concept of bayanihan.


The journey will be hard and challenging. There will be obstacle along the way. There will be disagreements. But at the end, we will act and come together to achieve our goal. As I found out, at the end of all our efforts, the feeling is very uplifting, full of wonderful lessons to learn from, full of happy, memorable thoughs that you could reminisce and be proud of. I am very fortunate to have that oppurtunity to enjoy them and I am sure that the rest of of our officers had shared those moments with me.


Thank you everyone for making my journey a happy exciting one. My wife Nora and I would like to wish all of you the same kin dof happiness that we found in our own unique journey.


Again, maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat!!!


Yours Truly,


Signed: Dan Gil Zenarosa

         President 2006-2008


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Mabuhay ang INDANG

Updated: December 5, 2009
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto