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Outreach Project in Indang Elementary School - A small step....a big beginning
Last year, former ICASC President Mila Catuncan Costa and board of director Irene Sierra Huerto visited Indang Cavite on a mission to look for worthwhile projects that the Indang Association of Southern California could sponsor in our hometown. They were able to to visit the Alternative Learning System of the Ilaya Elementary Public School which wanting to pursue a non-formal education which they could use to earn a living. They were able to contact the teacher-coordinator of this program Ms. Feliza Matel and Carlene Perez, a dedicated volunteer, who informed them of the urgent needs of the students including special children enrolled in this program.
When Mila Catuncan Costa and Irene Sierra Huerto came back from their vacation, the Association decided to conduct a fundraising drive (turnarounds and generous donations from members and officers) to generate enough funds so we could buy the school supplies, T-shirts, TV, and DVD player thet they badly need for their education.
With $1,000.00 dollars raised for this project, Linda and Adolfo Ocampo, who were going to Philippines last June 2007, were authorized by the association to buy the requested items and deliver these personally to students and to school authorities. On June 12, 2007 the above school supplies and uniforms were handed to the students and the TV and DVD player to Ms. Matel. A certificate of appreciation was given to our Association by the school principal Ms. Antonia Arias. Pictures of this event were provided to the officers of our association during their meeting last July.

Adolfo, Linda Ocampo, Carlene and School Officials

Updated: December 5, 2009
By: Andy Rotairo Huerto