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Meeting-Schedule-and picture
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The next meeting would be at Mr. and Mrs Nonong & Cecile Dy Resident on July 9, 2006.... please call for Reservation....


Outcome of the ICASC meeting (Sunday 5-07-06) hosted by Ms. Tita Rodriguez in
Yorba Linda California.
from left to rigth...Norma, Cecile, Nonong, Dr. Totoy Rojales, Mila, Tita (host), Linda, Irene, Rodolfo, Dr. Noemi, Andy, Mayette and Nora.
Photo by. Dr. Dan Zenarosa

Dr. Dan Zenarosa
Milagros C. Costa
Dr. Virgilio Rojales
Andy Rotairo Huerto
Nora Zenarosa
Mayette M. Huerto
Norma Del Rosario
Adolfo Ocampo
Linda Ocampo
Nonong Mojica Dy
Cecile Dy
Irene Sierra Huerto
Dr. Noemi Rojales
Topic of the meeting is about the upcoming Fiesta May 21, 2006 at Calas Park in Carson California.
Officer’s volunteers to bring one dish, soda and water.
Andy, Auntie Irene, Auntie Mila, Mayette and Norma volunteers to open the hall, set up the table etc.
Mayette and other volunteer to help out in the kitchen.
Treaurer: Mayette, presented the financial report to the meeting.

Ms. Mila C Costa prepared the list of donators for the upcoming ICASC 30th
Anniversary and Induction Ball consolation and door prizes.
Dr. Zenarosa brought up about the Caviteņos Basketball tournament, to start on June 19, 2006.
There will be NO Junior Team......
Dr. Zenarosa also brought up about the upcoming May 19, 2006 fundraising trip to Harrah Casino, ticket is for $45.00 but the $35 is to be returned once the bus arrives to casino. There are 10 tickets but they’re all taken.
Meeting attendee also discuss about the souvenir program regarding the guest, and
article or item to be included on the souvenir program.
Rodolfo and Linda Ocampo, to donate a cruise for two, to be raffle on 30th
Anniversary and Induction ball in Holiday Inn. The money or proceed is to be use for Scholarship and Sports program.

Last Meeting..May 19, 2006 (Sunday)
at Tita Rodriguez Residence in Yorba Linda
Note: The treasurer (Mayette Mercado Huerto) presented the financial record of ICASC to ICASC officers

photo by: andy rotairo huerto

Standing from the left to right: Sonny Costa (Board of Director and Cavitenos Exe. Vice President), Norma del Rosario (Business Manager), Nato Sierra (Sgt of Arms), Dr Virgilio Rojales (Exe Vice President),
Seating from left to right:Nora Zenarosa (Incoming Secretary), Dr Noemi Rojales (board of Director), Nanding Del Mundo (2nd Vice President), Mayette M. Huerto (Treasurer), Irene Sierra Huerto (Board of Director) and host, Mila Catuncan Costa (Outgoing President), Dr Dan Zenarosa (incoming President), Remy Nazareno (Auditor)
Not on the picture Nonong Dy (Chairman of the Board) and Andy R. Huerto (1st Vice President).
Last time meeting (March 19, 2006) is at Auntie Irene Sierra Huerto residence in Carson California.
Outcome of the Meeting:
Distribution of the dinner dance ticket.
Re-assignment of dinner dance committes
Scholarhip program
Who will be the guest speaker and etc.

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